(CLOSED) Cessna 172 Fly-In @ L70 - 291600ZJUL17

Server: Casual

Region: Southern California

Airport: L70

Time: 1600Z (12:00 PM EDT, 5:00 PM GMT, 9:00 AM PDT)

NOTAM: Hello IFC! After scouting around the SoCal region, I’ve decided to host a Cessna 172 fly-in at L70, a hidden gem with a 4,765 foot asphalt runway. You will spawn at an airport nearby, and fly-in to the airport. Once at the airport, you can park on the flat terrain to the side of the taxiway (right when facing NE, left when facing SW). It will be a great photo opportunity. You don’t have to do just that, feel free to do patternwork/touch&goes as well! Please announce any intentions on the Unicom! This should be a fun event, I hope to see you there! If you intend to come, reply below.

Good airports to spawn at, then takeoff &f ly to L70:


Too long to be a challenge 😳 otherwise I would have come

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I’ll come, putting it into my calendar

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I’ll be there as JetBlue735

Please don’t use an airline callsign unless you are flying with the respective airline. Please use a general aviation callstn such as N34GTH or G-OWST please


I’ll be there as N1917B 😁

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I wii be there cant wait!

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I’ll be here as callsign N58CH! Can’t wait!

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@khawk @Rockydawg_42 @Polaris0w0 @JetBlue735 @Mavic Date has been changed to July 29th (Saturday). Same time same place, hoping you all can still make it!

I’ll be there. I’ll use my real Cessna 172 call sign. N17SJ

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Will be there, N88OWT

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please don’t repeat, you’ve already said that. Give the OP at least 24 hours before asking again


Saw you earlier at KONT.

Sorry… Very first time at the community


Event is now in 3 hours!
If you still want to join it’s not too late.

Hi everyone, im really new here, want a bit of practice, where is L70??

It’s in the SoCal region on the west side.

Event starts in 30 minutes. Remember it’s not too late to join!

Event has now begun, you can still come though even if you aren’t signed up! Spawn in at KMPD, 0CL6, or KWHP and then fly to L70. Casual server!


We are currently using runway 22 as that’s what the winds dictate. Please stop using 04 for landings :)