[CLOSED] Celebrate IFSFG's 2 Years BIRTHDAY @ LFPG - 15100ZDEC18

Server: Casual

Departure-Airport: your choice

Arrival-Airport: LFPG Paris

Arrival-Time: *December 15, 2018 9:30 AM

Aircrafts/Liveries allowed: any/any French, Irish, German or Algerian liveries

Welcome Infinite Flight Pilots,

our group IFSFG turned 2years old last Tuesday (11th December), so we’d like to celebrate this with you all, if you like ;)

I won’t make a long speech, I just want to thank all our members (333today) for their loyalty and making our group what it is :) Special thanks to all our members who work for the group!

Now let’s fly :)

We want to make it simple and just have fun with you all. Feel free to join all or part of the routes*

Copy the fpl from Ronny MARTIN - IFSFGCEO for every flight

1st start a flight (short, medium or long haul) wherever you want but arrive on December 15, 2018 9:30 AM, in LFPG.

2nd we will all depart for a common flight from Paris LFPG to Alger DAAG - 2h flight on the same day December 15, 2018 10:00 AM**

3rd once arrived in Alger, we park at the gates and after a little pause we will all depart again from Alger DAAG to Dublin EIDW - 2h30min flight at December 15, 2018 12:30 PM**

4th once arrived in Dublin, we park at the gates and after a little pause we will all depart again from Dublin EIDW to Stuttgart EDDS - 2h30min flight at December 15, 2018 3:30 PM**

5th/FINAL once arrived in Stuttgart, we park at the gates and after a little pause we will all depart again from Stuttgart EDDS to Paris LFPG - 1h20min flight at December 15, 2018 6:30 PM**

Your are now free to depart back to your initial airport, or wherever you want :)

We do this event on the Casual Server to allow everyone to join BUT we expect you please to be professional:

  • Pushback properly and only, if there is no aircraft in your way
  • Do not taxi through grass, terminals or any other aircrafts
  • Do not put your landing lights and strobes on, if you are not on the rwy or in the air(landing light till 10,000ft, then off), or if you are not about to cross a rwy
  • Keep safe distance on the ground(1aircraft length) an in the air(8-10nm)
  • Do not overspeed (please check and use all aircraft speed charts in Skybrary by chosing your aircraft, if you are not an experienced pilot.
  • Do not exceed 250kts below 10,000ft.
  • always observe the aircraft in front of you and don’t be higher/faster than them
  • if you are not an experienced pilot, pushback/taxi and take off last and observe the experienced pilots
  • First depart Heavies/Super, big and fast aircrafts, then smaller and slower ones


  • ARRIVALS: rwys 27R/26L or depending on winds 09L/08R
  • DEPARTURES: rwys 27L/26R or depending on winds 09R/08L


  • ARRIVALS: rwy 23 or depending on winds 09
  • DEPARTURES: rwy 27 or depending on winds 05


  • ARRIVALS: rwy 28 or depending on winds 10
  • DEPARTURES: rwy 16 or depending on winds 34


  • ARRIVALS/DEPARTURES: rwy 07 or depending on winds 25


  • ARRIVALS: rwys 27R/26L or depending on winds 09L/08R

IFSFG Pilots use their IFSFGcallsign, all others please put IFSFG in your display name, or use IFSFGXXX as callsign

The IFSFG EVENT TEAM and I looking forward to fly with you and celebrate this 2 years of our group …of course, many years and great events will follow ;)

//@RonnyMartin - IFSFG CEO
IFSFG instagram
IFSFG YouTube Channel


4:30AM est?

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Yes you read the time correctly ;)

Wait. WHAAT?

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Isn’t That too early?

is it at 01:00 am zulu

Anything else?

and yes, it’s TOO early

Hey everyone, thanks for your messages :)

The arrival time is 0900ZULU, which would be indeed 04:00am EST, 01:00am PST, … if you click on the time, it should show you your local time ;)

Unfortunately there is no perfect time so all pilots from all over the world could do all the flights :(. Depending on your timezone, feel free to join the flight it fits best for you.

Thanks in advance :)


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Hello Everyone,

if you got any route suggestion to arrive December 15, 2018 9:30 AM in Paris LFPG, please feel free to share it with us, so other pilots may want to join your flight ;)

I’ll announce my flight later ;)

Thank you in advance.

All times are in YOUR local time!

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Starting in some minutes my long haul with @flyingCHIMP and joining Lee Jones. We will be taking off from VIDP in an A380 Air France, 12hours of fuel.
Feel free to join us:)

Over India :-)

Joining in from LGAV to LFPG, see you all there!

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Arriving in ~10min in LFPG

Arriving in 15 min, my callsign is IFSFGNOE

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A little reminder, you can use as non IFSFGmember the Callsign IFSFGXXX or put just IFSFG in your display name. Please don’t use IFSFG+ anything else than xxx;-) so there is no mix up with our group’s callsigns
Thank you

If you are not arriving to Paris this morning and you want to join now for our LFPG to DAAG flight, please spawn next to us and copy my fpl (IFSFGCEO).

Please read the event description above.

Thank you and enjoy your flight with IFSFG


Pushback in 7min

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Still time to join if you want ;-)


Just landed and parked at the gate. IFSFGK99 call sign