[CLOSED] Cavan's ATC Tracking Thread @ WSSS - TS

Hey anyone free I’ll be around at ground and tower for 30 minutes on training server WSSS. I want to enhance my ATC skills.

I was N122PW. Not to bad! Only thing I can suggest is to sequence/clear your planes in the pattern quicker. When I requested inbound you gave me correct pattern entry instructions but the cleared me number 2 for the option with nobody in front of me. The TBM shoulda been number 2. On my first pattern on 02L when you cleared me for the option you gave me pattern exit instructions. You only need to give that command on runway changes and inbounds that want touch and go. Just leaving some feedback. All in all not to bad tho.

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Yes jbarbs should have been cleared 1 and me 2. Also I requested taxi and you cleared me to pushback… TBM cannot do pushback. Good job otherwise! Thx.


I love how we can help each other out on things like this!

I didn’t want to press the wrong command and end up giving wrong instructions.

But there’s one aircraft on the runway taking off from what I recall. Number 2 is only when there’s aircraft ahead of you still in the pattern?

Never realised that when I saw you were at a remote gate. Logically speaking, pushback first then taxi…just assume pushback is approved lol.

@DeerCrusher Would it possible to open this thread again if I want to practice instead of creating a new thread?

You sequence your inbounds don’t count the ones taking off.

Yes. You can open and close as much as you’d like. If that’s what you’re asking. 🙂


Aye who’s free to do some pattern work at WSSS? Will be at ground and tower in 5 minutes. Test me by requesting transitions!

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