[CLOSED] Cathay Pacific Recruiting Event @ WSSS - 140730ZJAN17

How do I ad my name to the thread

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I’ll add it for you!

Add me too please and give me gate

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Thank you!

I’ll be there - have also sent in an application form on the website

I would love to come, except that it’s a 12:30 am my time. Change the time and I will be there.

Maybe next time.

I’ll participate in this for fun:)
C U guys tomorrow!!

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To all attendees, please announce pushback 10 seconds after the previous person. On the day, copy my flight plan.

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Roger that

See you guys later! I’ll be in a 777

Happy Flying Everyone!!

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Quick Update: Cruise: FL115

Sure thing

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I might have to leave in the middle of the flight just found out I had to leave 30 min after departure, so as a result ,we will pushback 0730Z SHARP.

Thank you @SirPilotOfAviation for making a great event but unfourtunately my APPR was originally set to 32R at WMKK but changed when I pressed it to another runway behind me, this lead to me plummeting to my doom as my speed was at 200 Kts and the plane drastically pulled up and to the left when I disengaged because it was at the wrong runaway I stalled and had no time to recover☹️

It was great race flight 😂😂😂👍

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Mind if I edit the photos and use it on the website?

I have some photos of my own