[CLOSED] Cathay Pacific Recruiting Event @ WSSS - 140730ZJAN17

Server: Casual

Region: Singamore and Kuala Lumpur

Airport: WSSS - WMKK

Time: 0730Z

NOTAM: Come in a Cathay Pacific livery plane

Welcome to the very first Cathay Pacific event! This is a recruiting event to gain more pilots and staff. After this event and you like our community and style of organisation PM me. If we think you will a positive impact to us, we’ll PM you. You can also just come for fun!

Please register on this thread and next to your name will be your temporary callsign for the event.
C11: @sirpilotofaviation - Cathay 001
C13: @mrpidgeon - Cathay 002
C15: @AppleOneGT - Cathay 004
C16: @ODW - Cathay 004
C17: @Abhishek_Bhattachary - Cathay 005
C18: @fatmosthegreat - Cathay 006
C19: @Cam_Pilot - Cathay 007
C20: @TheFlyingPankake - Cathay 008
C22: @Trentpilot7 - Cathay 009
C23: @Dossym_Makhanov - Cathay 010
C24: @ CS_Aus_TB20GT - Cathay 011
C25: @ Dr_Danniel_MD -Cathay 012

Cruise Altitude: FL310
Speed: Speed is up to you, as long it is safe and you keep a reasonable distance from other aircraft.

More procedures will be explanined later

We’re not expecting more than 15 people, if needed extra gates will be added.

Cathay pilots are encouraged to participate.


Anybody wanting to join, Or is the time just to odd?

It is still a long time until the event , do let go of your hope yet.

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I usually don’t have someone outside of my VA respond for a day or so. Give it some time bud

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Ok, I’ll add you.

Anyone wants to join ?

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Can I join

I’d like to join the event.

Thanks, I’ll add both of you,

Anyone else?

Please add me i would like to join

Ok, I will.

Can’t come it is at 2 am where I am

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Anyone else? 10 more days…

Sign me up! I’ll take C15.

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Wait what time is it? I live in the Pacific.

0730Z, if in HK 1430

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Alright, I should be able to make it!

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I’d love to join, if it’s not to late

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Count me in!

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