[CLOSED] Cathay Pacific Recruiting Event @ KLAX - 180700ZFEB17

Server: Casual

Region: SoCal

Airport: KLAX-MMTJ

Time: 0100Z

NOTAM: Welcome to another Cathay Pacific Recruiting Event, this time, we’all be at SoCal most iconic airport, KLAX. Here we will test your skills, if you want to join Cathay Pacific with a nice first impression, or you can come for fun. Of course, if we like you, we will PM you for you to join us. (Only Cathay Livery)

Please announce pushback/taxi when it is safe.
Only takeoff when aircraft in front of you is airborne.
FPL will be published on day.
Please announce missed approach/ go around if their is aircraft on runway.
Please keep spacing, we do not want aircrafts close together, as that will cause havoc during landing.

Next to your name will be the assigned gate and callsign.

T5 G50:- SirPilotOfAviation (Cathay 001)
T5 G51A: - @ Flightsim_Aviation (Cathay 002)
T5 G51B: - @ Ricardo-acosta (Cathay 003)
T5 G58: - @ PlaneGuy27550 (Cathay 004)
T5 G59: - @ Binesh_Ashokan (Cathay 005)
T6 G61: - @ itsgavindaniels (Cathay 006)
T6 G62: - @ ILLUMENTS (Cathay 007)
T6 G63:- @ Collin_Mihalovich (Cathay 008)
T6 G64: - @ Dossym_Makhanov (Cathay 009)
T6 G65A: - @ Abhinav_Jaiswal (Cathay 010)
T6 G65B: - @hanvanlierde (Cathay 011)
T6 G66: - @Mecly_Momin (Cathay 012)
T6 G67: - @Mambru_Gars (Cathay 013)
T6 G68A: - @MSR (Cathay 014)
T6 G68B: - @Theo_Mercier (Cathay 015)
T6 G69A: - @WestJet737767 (Cathay 016)
T6 G69B: - @Keiryn_Straub (Cathay 017)
T7 G70: - @Seriousgamer135 (Cathay 018)
T7 G71A: - @CrispyNuggetMan (Cathay 019)
T7 G71B: - @Aviation_Glamour (Cathay 020)
T7 G72:
T7 G73:
T7 G74:
T7 G75A:
T7 G75B:
T7 G76:
T7 G77:

We plan to create more events like this, for people who can’t make normal events, FNF, due to time zone. We hope our times can help those people. Although there isn’t much investment in this, we will try to carry these events on.


I will be there (Cathay 03)

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Can you sign me up for gate T5 G51B

Actually T5 G58 please

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Can you tell me which server this event is on ( Casual, Training 1, or expert)?

Oh wait, never mind, it says it at the top and I’m just blind😂

I would never host it on TS 1… ;)

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Haha, cool man. So it’s next Saturday right?

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Anyone else wanting to participate?

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Anyone else? Another attempt to bump a post up…

Sign me up I will be at the next gate

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Pls sign me in …

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Anymore? If you liked the post, think you would be added in, please reply here. Thanks!


Hi, can u please sign me up! I am down for any gate, see u there

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I would like to have a gate please

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Add me please too …

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Please add me also (Cathay 10)

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I am ready to take any gate,

What time is it in Midwest time

Can I join you guys from gate G65B?