[Closed] ‘Caribbean Hopping in the ERJ' @ TNCM - 022000ZSEP17

Caribbean Hopping in the ERJ - Saturday 2nd Sept 2017.

checked Official approved British Airways Virtual Airlines Event

alarm Don’t forget the Event. Set a timer.

Server: Training Server

Region: Carribean

Airport: TNCM

Time: 2000Z

Aircraft: Embraer E190 in the British Airways Livery

megaphone Event description

Sometimes our smaller aircraft are forgotten. On Saturday, September Second we will be flying in one of our smallest, the Embraer ERJ-190. Spawn at your assigned gate at 2000Z for pushback, if you are a few minutes late don’t worry just spawn in and push.

Our route will make a nice circle around the region flying from TNCM, doing a touch and go at TAPA, doing a touch and go at TFFR, doing a touch and go at TKPK, and lastly, land back at TNCM. An example of the route will be below but the one we will use at the event might be different.

map Event route

The event route is below, this is subject to change, however.
You will copy the flight plan from Kevin Potthast (Speedbird 145)

airplane Event gates:

Would you like a gate? Simply say you need one on this thread and you will be assigned one!

Parking: Gate A01 Kevin_Potthast
Parking: Gate A02 LewisG0801
Parking: Gate A03 Pilot999
Parking: Gate A04 Boodz_G
Parking: Gate B01 Joshua_Bayes_Green
Parking: Gate B02 CaptainObvious
Parking: Gate B03 Lucas_Dominguez
Parking: Gate B04 VIANS
Parking: Gate B05 Declan_Lyall_O_Regan
Parking: Gate C01 Alfie_warwick
Parking: Gate C02 Lars_Thorein
Parking: Gate C03 PilotE.E
Parking: Gate C04 SAA_A346
Parking: Gate C05 Flyingkiwi
Parking: Gate C06
Parking: Gate C07
Parking: Gate C08
Parking: Gate C09
Parking: Gate C10
Parking: Gate C11
Parking: Gate C12

if you do not wish for a gate, just turn up, we will be excited to welcome you!

Thank you for taking part at this Event. For more information visit our Infinite Flight Community Thread


May I have a gate SB147


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Not sure if I’ll be able to come. Let you know when it comes a bit closer to the event!

I’ll sign you up, for now, let me know of any changes.

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Ok sure. I’ll try to come. I won’t be able to do it all though

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That is fine, you can join us or leave us at any leg you wish, just wait till the last aircraft touch and goes.

Sign me up please Kevina

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Sing up Speedbird 215! I will be there!

How did I know this was coming?

Check gate assignment ;)

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Thank you very much Kev!

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V1 will be there. Gonna wake up early in Sydney though. Can I have a gate? Thx!

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Check gate assignment!

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Can I have Gate B02 for Speedbird 1013? Let’s show the folks down on Maho Beach what were made of! ;)

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Check gate assignment!

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The event is tomorrow! Will anybody else be attending?

Can I have a gate please? SB185

I will put down speedbird 202

@Declan_O @Alfie_warwick check gate assignment :)

I’ll be there. Safe a Gate please 😉

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