(CLOSED)Caribbean Cargo Delivery Flash Event @ TQPF - 070245ZOCT16

Awesome, thanks guys! and no worries :)

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let me know when you guys are ready and we will go ahead and depart toTFFA


I crashed sorry :/

That looks beautiful 🙂

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What went wrong bud?

Excellent picture my friend.

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we will slow down @SkyHighGuys

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I’ve reduced speed to reduce the gap. You’ll be back with us in no time

It might be an issue lol just go in without me…I’ve never flown in this aircraft before

Thank you :)


I don’t know how to fly the Cessna

Thanks mate :)

put 10 degree of flaps and rotate at 80kts but dont rotate to much

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Never flown the 208? Set flaps to 10, full power on takeoff and rotate around 60-75kts, You can set the A/P to help you, don’t exceed 800vs at first. Stay 100% power until you reach overspeed then back down a bit.

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We’re pretty much on the exact same page tonight, lol

haha your not kidding

I’m circling back to @SkyHighGuys , he’ll get this tonight.

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Thanks for the assist guys 😅

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Leave no brother behind. No worries at all

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