[Closed] Cargo Event @ KLAX - 291600ZOCT15

Server: Atc Playground

Region: Southern California


Time: *1600Z

•I Will assign gates
•Any cargo aircraft
•The flight plan will be released at 1300Z tomorrow
•When we land at each airport there will be 5 minutes to put in the next flight plan.
• I will lead and everyone else follow me but NO FORMATION FLYING
• If anyone can be atc please let me know
• Please can your callsign reflect the livery eg if you are flying a DHL 757-200 your callsign could be DHL1234
See you all there

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Not sure if I can come. I’ll PM you later

Ok thanks 😀😃

Anyone else going to come

@JDE1303 sign me up


Aircraft: 747-8
Callsign: Nippon cargo 20 15 Heavy

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See you there my friend

Don’t have enough XP to go on advanced server :(

I’ll see if I can come

Ok I’ll change it to free flight server

I can come I just checked if I was free

I’m please bear in mind it is now on atc playground

Aircraft: 777-200F
Callsign: QTR1717 Heavy

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I’ll try and make it. Post flight plan please

It says I will post it tomorrow at 1300Z

Aircraft: Boeing 777-200F
Call Sign: Etihad Cargo 550 Super

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I’d love to be atc :) But idk if I can make it

Ok well it’s on atc playground so there will probably be atc anyway

Here are the gates
@LSZH34: Cargo-FedEx
@Hamza_Adan: Cargo South South-East-2
@Belfast_spotter: Cargo South South-East-3
@Makeaflightforfun: Cargo South South-East-4
@David_Holtzclaw: Cargo South South-East-5
@wujdtmann: Cargo South South-East-6