[Closed] Cargo Aircraft Event @ KSAN - 211330ZFEB16

Server: FFS

Region: Southern California

Airport: KSAN-KLAX

Time: *211330z FEB16

NOTAM: Please come 😉

Sad that I don’t have this region. Have fun ;)

So are you doing a inter-region? In which case you cannot use the [quote=“IF_A_TEAM, post:1, topic:26328”]
ATC Playground.
Use Free Flight instead.

They are free?!?!


@IceBlue I was going to say all that as well lol. Also I don’t think the time is correct?

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My bad :D Confused regions…

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As I understood 21 of February at 1330UTC

He’s jsut included the date as well like the title :)

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So to KLAX?