[CLOSED] @CaptianDavid's ATC Tracking Thread (TS1)

You were not following ATC instructions. You are saying you didnt have enough space when minutes ago you were escorting me while flying pattern. When @CaptainDavid didnt gave you clearence you called inbound for t&g when you were already in pattern. I mean that is ridiculus. You were waiting for clearence when you were just behind me. You cant give him tips while flying. You were just confusing him.

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Dude I didn’t hear any atc instructions, I wasn’t getting any.

You were VFR, thats the point. You should not fly too close to me while you are sequenced. It was too dangerous. As you were that close, you should have announced go around

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No, I mean when atc contacted me, (which he obviously did due to your screenshots) I did not get the messages. Also, I made space on final. The only reason I was following that close was for screenshots.

You did what?? I was on short final then when I called go around to avoid been too close with you. You are not helping the ATC by doing this. If you want to participate and procide feedback for people that want to sharp their skills, keep it profesional!!

Nothing more to say, if you want to discuss anything else please PM, as this is not a place to discuss!

Open at KIAH for 1.5 to 2 hours.

See ya’ there, brother!!

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You’re titel still lists [open]. Please make sure you update!

@azeeuwnl @Sebastian9915
My bad guys, I forgot to close it last night.
I will be open again tonight around the same time. Any airport preferences? Was thinking ORD tonight.

KORD would be nice, I was planning to open KDLH in a few hours and I know there is a United A319 route in between those two.

Ok, I will be opening KORD tonight, depending on availability, between 7:30pm and 8:00pm CDT and will remain open till 10:00pm CDT. If the airport is really crowded at 10:00pm, then I will extend in 15 minute increments till the traffic is light up to 11:00pm CDT. Feel free to come join. Pattern work will be welcome but will be limited to one runway. I am going to try my hand at T/G/A and see how it goes, if I see I can’t handle all three, I will drop approach. Hope to see you there!

I have opened up Tower and Ground at KORD. TS1 won’t let me do 3 at one time so no Approach for now.

Departures 28R, 28C and 22L
Arrivals 27R, 27L with 15 as a back up.

Pattern work is approved on 22L Left Traffic

Hello David,

Take a look at this thread as you will get a lot of helful info out of it!

Cheers :)

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Unfortunately on TS1, I can sequence all day long but most people don’t want to listen.

I understand but I would of loved a sequence myself.

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KDFW is now open and will be for a little while.

Switching to KPHX due to lack of traffic in Dallas.

Sure!! Give me 5 minutes

I forgot. I have some violations and cant enter TS😔. Sorry!!!

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Everyone, please stop announcing a go around immediately after takeoff. When you are doing touch and goes, you are not performing a go around.

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