[CLOSED] @CaptianDavid's ATC Tracking Thread (TS1)

Dank screenshots acquired. Hopping in a Cessna 208

I’m not sure what was going on. I have a good connection.

Hold on he told me to go around? I didn’t get the message

@CaptainDavid I will come again

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Nice service today!

Just have a couple of things I need to say is that:

  1. The sequence as soon as you can, as you can always tell them to go around.

  2. I don’t think that last go around was nesasery, however, I guess you played it safe.

  3. Thanks for your service

  4. Thaks for correcting that last landing clearance you gave me.

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Too early first clearence for the option.(No need to tell make left/right trafdic, I already know where to enter.
▪You didnt sequence the ac behind me to follow me
▪ When I requested RNW change, told me enter right base. The correct entry was downwind. You should have also sequence me there behind @Gliding_Central.
▪ Again late clearwnce for landing
▪No exit command for me.

Thanks for opening this amazing airport today. I always suggest you take a look at the following post. It might help you understand better how all the thing works:



Good Job, Just A fea Minor Things. There was almost a mid air collision between My Aircraft And American 0813. I would have told the bombardier to go do a different runway, instead of sequencing us all to one runway.

I was not there, but I can tell you this from prior knowledge. When you are in the pattern, you are under VFR. That means that you are responsible for maintaining separation between yourself and the next aircraft. This is why you are sequenced.

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He said he would call my base, which ended up in a near collision. I was following tower’s instructions, and giving him tips so it wouldn’t happen again.

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You were sequenced to RW 07L and lined up for RW 8.

Yes after you said “I’ll call your base”, which made me overshoot

When you saw that the American flight was there, you should not have begun your turn to base. You should have automaticly extended your base, I shouldn’t have had to tell you. When I saw you beginning your turn, I told you to extend to prevent the collision.

Just giving you tips, the more you sequence at one runway the more of a chance mid air collisions happen. I admit it was my fault though

You were not following ATC instructions. You are saying you didnt have enough space when minutes ago you were escorting me while flying pattern. When @CaptainDavid didnt gave you clearence you called inbound for t&g when you were already in pattern. I mean that is ridiculus. You were waiting for clearence when you were just behind me. You cant give him tips while flying. You were just confusing him.

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Dude I didn’t hear any atc instructions, I wasn’t getting any.

You were VFR, thats the point. You should not fly too close to me while you are sequenced. It was too dangerous. As you were that close, you should have announced go around

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No, I mean when atc contacted me, (which he obviously did due to your screenshots) I did not get the messages. Also, I made space on final. The only reason I was following that close was for screenshots.

You did what?? I was on short final then when I called go around to avoid been too close with you. You are not helping the ATC by doing this. If you want to participate and procide feedback for people that want to sharp their skills, keep it profesional!!

Nothing more to say, if you want to discuss anything else please PM, as this is not a place to discuss!

Open at KIAH for 1.5 to 2 hours.

See ya’ there, brother!!

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