[CLOSED] @CaptianDavid's ATC Tracking Thread (TS1)

Hey, I am currently open at KDFF (Dallas Fort Worth International) in both tower and ground. Come on by and test my skills. I could really use the practice. Will be up for about 1.5 to 2 hours from now.

I will join you in two minutes. Nasa 1

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@Thomas_G, it shows you as unknow and wont let me communicate with you.

Let me spawn again :)

same thing, let me go out and back in

Try opening again @CaptainDavid. Yes

Ok, I think it lbs working now @Thomas_G

What server? I will hop right on In An F-18

TS1, this character minimum is killing me.

@CaptainDavidI didnt request pushback. An airplane was just behind me.

What? What are you reply’s to

@Thomas_G, yeah, I was just trying to make sure it was working. Sorry, meant to just say thank you.

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Excuse me being grade two, accidentally did an aileron roll in training server earlier today

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NASA 1, I’m going to escort you. Prepare for an In- Air Airshow

We are here to fly patterns @Captain-Cade. No need to escort me now.

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Hello @CaptainDavid,

I am on my way!


Please @Captain-Cade. Maintain safe distance. You are making the whole think too difficult for the controler

@CaptainDavid What happened. Couldnt you hear me?

Yes, I was replying.

Didnt recieve anything…odd