[CLOSED] Captain Joe Last Air Berlin Flight @ LICC - 061830ZJAN18

Ok , but what gates?

Are u ber55?

i am air berlin 8791. with an air transat inside of me.

we are waiting on 1-2 more planes

what is ber55 doing?

ber 4evr is also landing rn

I cant see him land its too foggy

check the map. he’s landing 26R

I kinda saw the landing

i saw it too!!!

i will upload my photos here soon. i also recorded it.

Nice is that everyone?

good day everyone. it was nice to fly with you all. stay tuned for further events i will be hosted (and photos!!!)

Approach control was embarrassing.

Hi @szymsza1 , im sorry for that.

The guy at EDDM didn’t know what he was doing. I ended up switching to @ouzi. Ouzi, thanks for doing APP. The only problem was you told me to line up with the runway a bit to late. When you tell someone to expect radar vectors, you need to tell them when to turn to the runway heading.

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Yeah he was saying we were in a active airspace even though we were no where near.

Just to make sure everyone is on the same page @KiloCharlie1 was Munich Arrival at EDDM and @ouzi was Munchen Arrival at the nearby airport. Originally I was tuned to EDDM on 120.78. to Munchen Arrival. Also, does anyone know why they call it Arrival in Munich?

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