[CLOSED] Captain DJ Controlling @ EGBB (Birmingham) on ATC PG

Please come to this session, will be doing some “revision” for a test. It’s exciting. Pattern Work is accepted, and also use runway 15.

UPDATE: Only 4 users is there!

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I will be there captain.

Thanks Captain. :)

Flew the 763 for the first time in months… Sucked at it!

Great controlling DJ!

You’ll see me controlling advanced before Christmas, I hope :)

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Looking forward to make pattern work at your airport :D KSEA?! :D

When the A321 update comes out, you’ll find me at KPAE! :D

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You still there?

@Brandon_Sandstrom, @LSZH34, @B767fan, Come to Advanced EGLL and do some pattern work with Capt. Bill.

On my way be there in a minute

You coming? I’m there.

Yea I am I’m just on approach :) I know Capt. Bill can control I was going to see if I could give you any pointers.

@Brandon_Sandstrom, bring a friend. I’m parked because I’m listening to TWR Conversation, of Capt. Bill sequencing so I get a bigger picture of it.

Coming you still there?

Yes. I am indeed!

Coming! filler

This is Advanced EGLL with Capt. Bill, right?

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You gone? Fill

here now! filler

Lets do some patterns :)