[closed] CaptAC ATC Tracking Thread (KMIA)

ATC Tracking Thread (CaptAC)
NOTAMS: Pattern Work Accepted,
Server: Training
Airport: KMIA
Runway(s) In Use: ALL
Class Bravo Airspace

Open for 1/2 - 1 hour(s)

Pattern work accepted

Expect some delays. Please also note, I do not control your actions, or what you do, just follow directions by ATC and you’ll expect a PM from me

Region: United States
No Intersection Departures allowed

NOTAMS Updated as 1640z


Will be there in about 5 mn.


@CaptAC well if you hand me off to approach there are not many things to say.

BUT Before you handed me to approach you told me #4 traffic to follow is on final. The #4 traffic was for runway 26R. I was on 26L.


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