CLOSED- CaptAC aTc Tracking Thread [KFLL]

Open at WMKK, Staying open for more than an hr. Come fly patterns!

landing in Canada in30 mins, will you be open until then?

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I will come for some patterns , Nasa 1(first->

I am coming on a citation NVOW12Q

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Still Open! ATCing an event rn!

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EDIT: Closed, IF Crashed. Thanks Everyone! WIll be opening later today!

Open at KFLL
I have nothing better to do, so come fly patterns and test me as i prepare to become IFATC.

EDIT: Closed!

I’ll come by if you’re still open.

@CaptAC it doesn’t look like you’re open…

Oops, i was on expert

Feedback: hold short to jet blue

  • When you cleared me for takeoff you told the guy who requested take off next to hold short. I was executing an intersection departure. There was enough room for you to move more efficiently and tell him to line up and wait.

  • When I requested my first runway change, I was on final. You told me to enter left base.

  • You have to pay more attention to landing traffic. Watch airplane’s speeds. If they are under 60kts give them an exit command. You did not in this case. There is one exception though. If a plane does full reverser and is slowing down faster than normal, they are most likely executing a stop and go. Again, always be weary of speed.

All in all, you did a great job. Good luck in your IFATC future. :)

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Now open at KFLL, come fly patterns.

I’ll come through right now.

Oh nevermind, looks like you closed.

yeah, sorry mate, i was open for 3 hours and only 1 person came by. Ill open again tonight

OPEN KMIA come stop by

@Levet you can close this one :) Thank you.

All set. Go ahead and create the new thread.

New thread can be found here: