CLOSED- CaptAC aTc Tracking Thread [KFLL]

ATC Tracking Thread (CaptAC)
Hi all, so my IFATC Recuiter is basically ignoring me and has been for the past month, coming upon 2 and now I have to wait 2 months to re apply, and hope someone looks at it in a timely manner due to a ghosting, (which was debatable, but it due to speed which was my mistake). So as you know, i am working toward becoming an IFATC controller, and i don’t really want to control on the training server much longer and I feel prepared, but life just isn’t going well so, I’m stuck to this zoo. Come fly patterns, and please be professional.
NOTAMS: Pattern Work Accepted,
Server: Training
Airport: KFLL
Runway(s) In Use: ALL

Class Bravo Airspace

Open for 1/2 - 1 hour(s)

Pattern work accepted

Expect some delays. Please also note, I do not control your actions, or what you do, just follow directions by ATC and you’ll expect a PM from me

Region: United States
No Intersection Departures allowed

  • NOTAMS Updated as 1640z
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Now open! Come join!

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Are you no longer open?

my IF crashed, i am switching devices :D

I’m coming!

Here’s some feedback,

  • When I requested to takeoff 16L remaining in the pattern you just said ‘cleared for takeoff’, I don’t know how but you should have said make left traffic.

  • When I requested a runway change to 16R you just cleared me for the option and you should tell me to enter l/r downwind runway 16R and then clear me.

  • During my second touch and go on runway 16R you can say cleared for the option. You don’t need to say cleared for the option after the option make l/r traffic as I’ve already know that i’ll be making right traffic.
    NOTE: You would only instruct and aircraft to make l/r traffic after touch and go is when you want them to enter another pattern due to traffic passing through the airspace or if they are performing the touch and go on a different runway.

  • Finally try to remember to give exit runway commands. I had to vacate by myself as I was not instructed what direction to turn off or how quickly I should vacate the runway.

Apart from that it was a fantastic session, I enjoyed performing the touch and go’s. Especially when there was a C-130 taking off beside when I did one t and go on 16R. :)

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OPEN AT KSAN! come and fly some patterns!
edit: As of 2040z of april the 8th, service has been terminated.

You gave me proper Pattern Entry but failed to sequence me behind N615TJ

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Seems to be a bug with the KSAN tower, i keep on crashing when i try to move the view ;/. Pardon the issues.

May be my fault you were crashing.

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Open at KBHM as of 2040z on 4/8/2018

spawning in now in a citation

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i didnt know there was a spawn on the taxiway?!
super weird… requested push back out of habit
edit: app crashed, re-launching now

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yeah, its weird! two taxing to runway spawns :]

as IFATC, can you ghost on the TS?

I dont think so, only on expert i think.

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well done! you passed my little test, i switched from t an g’s to full stop to see if you woudl give the exit rnwy instruction and you did! well done.

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Haha, Thanks! Its the small details :D

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ill be back, im gonna fly runway heading for a while, then ill turn back and have you enter me in the pattern

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great job re entering me in the pattern and with the t and g’s. i couldnt find anything wrong and your controlling was excellent. hope to see as IFATC one day :)

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