[Closed] Capital Virtual Airlines: Southwest 1380 Memorial Flight- @ KLGA - 200400ZAPR18

Memeroial Flight: Southwest 1380 Untitled%20drawing%20(4)

As many of you know, Southwest Flight 1380 suffered an uncontained engine explosion and resulted in 1 fatality.

In memory of all those involved in the incident. Capital Virtual Airlines will be hosting a flight from KLGA to KPHL, the emergency route of Flight 1380.

The event will start at 4:00 Zulu time, when the first plane will pushback form Terminal C at La Guardia. Takeoff runway will be as specified by ATC.

Climb to 30,000 feet and then prepare to land at Philadelphia.

The flight is to spark awareness of the tragic event that killed on passenger from New Mexico. We ask that all participation in this flight act respectful and professional, as this is a memorial flight. We will be flying the exact same route using the exact same aircraft as what happened this past Wednesday.


Aircraft: 737-700 with Generic White Livery
Callsign: CVA###
Time: 0400 Zulu Time
Terminal: (LGA- Terminnal C) (PHL- Terminal A)
Server: Training Server

If you would like to join us for this event please state your callsign and what gate you will be leaving form!

NOTAM: ATC service will be provided at both locations.

NOTAM 2: This is a CVA hosted event, any pilot who participate will be expected to act in a respectful and professional manner. If you want to apply for Capital Virtual Airlines before, or after the event please let us know in the comment section. If you are under Grade 3 and attend this event it will count as your training into the airline. Any pilot currently flying with CVA, may receive double hours for this flight.

Useful Info:

KPHL Airport Diagram

KLGA Airport Diagram

This event is hosted by Capital Virtual Airlines. Visit Our Website and Our Official Thread Below

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I believe this belongs in #live:events. You’re welcome! ;)


I think you should allow the Southwest B737 for this event as it’s based around them.


Your using a tragedy to promote CVA? Why?


I will be flying an F-22 to represent the airforces respect for the lost soul

You litearly said “…but we wanted to use the generic livery to help promote CVA too.”

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@Clouds I understand how it could’ve sounded that way, but that was not the intention at all. We simply wanted to use generic livery so that Southwest VA wouldn’t be represented without approval. We apologize for the mixed messages and did not mean to offend anyone at all. The post has been removed to avoid further confusion.

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