[CLOSED] California Capital Zello @ KSCK - 121516ZNOV16

Server: Casual

Region: San Francisco

Airport: KSCK

Time: 1516Z

This Saturday’s Zello will take place in smoggy, beautiful, industrial Stockton, California. Why? Well, so we don’t head to the Peanut filled Pacific Coast. I know that Sacramento is the state capital, but Stockton is only fifty miles away. My Zello channel is Infinite Flight-CBaccari. Hope to see you there!


Try to make it

Any charts you want us to follow?

What time is this in BST?

Since daylight savings has ended, Zulu time and GMT are the exact same. :)

Not at all.

Will you be doing another one next Saturday?

This IS this Saturday. Next Saturday, you’ll have to wait and find out.

Only three hours until event start. Forgot to say that Zello will last until 1600Z.

Zello is opening up just about now.

I will be taking off from Zello for a week. Next event will be November 26.

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