[Closed] CaliAir Virtual Opening Event @ KLAX - 052130ZNOV16

Hello All;
This Saturday we have our first event! It is a recruitment event, feel free to come!

Server: Training Server 1

Region: Southern California

Airport: KLAX

Time: 2130Z

Aircraft: Boeing 737-700/800/900, Generic Livery, Airbus a318/19/20/21, Generic Livery

NOTAM: We will take off from RWY24L if ATC permits, then we will fly along the FPL included below. We will do touch and goes at SAN, then at PSP, then land back at LAX. Altitudes and speeds are below as well.

FPL: Copy my FPL when we get there. I will be CALI001.

LAX-SAN: Start Descent 3/4 to waypoint MYSTY. Airspeed 340, Altitude 30,000ft.
SAN-PSP: Start Descent 3/4 to waypoint GAZOO. Airspeed 325, Altitude 16,000ft.
PSP-LAX: Start descent 22 Nautical Miles to SUTIE. Airspeed 300, Altitude 14,000ft.

LAX Gates: Comment your gate below.
TBIT - Gate 134: @Pilot_Schulze-Kalt
TBIT - Gate 132: @13yearoldpilot
TBIT - Gate 130: @Qantas_Pilot
TBIT - Gate 150: @Long_Phi_Le
TBIT - Gate 152: @Expo_Topian
TBIT - Gate 154: @F14Doge
TBIT - Gate 156
TBIT - Gate 158


I hope you all come to CaliAir’s first event!



Please comment If you would like to come, and what gate.


I honestly wish you the best of luck. This from all your friendly Frontier pilots…
“We stand behind you, around you, and with you! Fly the friendly skies!”


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Thanks! Are you coming?

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good luck from ANA Virtual.
sadly no live so I can’t come

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We cannot no

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@Expo_Topian Here it is.

I would like to join

Ok. I will add you to a gate.

Is @Long_Phi_Le, @13yearoldpilot, @Qantas_Pilot, and @Expo_Topian okay with making the event 1.5 hrs earlier?

I think most of us will have a tough time making it if it’s in TS2.


What do you mean?

Just saw something. Sorry behind the news. Is it shutdown?

Yes, I’m okay

So, is this in TS1 now?

I will think about it. TS1 is always busy in Socal.

What editor did you use for this picture?

Hah. Instagram!

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BTW what would the Zulu time be if I am making it 1.5 hrs earlier?

Well, just saying since there is no TS2. Update the server asap once you decide.

If you want, I can try to get another pilot and provide fighter escort for the event with IFES.