[CLOSED] Caleb_Kenneford6 ATC Tracking Thread

When ATC is open, it will be open between at 20 minutes to an hour long period of time(maybe even longer). If at anytime you believe I have done something wrong or could of done something better please message me and tell me how to improve. Thanks guys :)

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Coming now. PH-ADZ
See you there

EDIT. you’ve left I think…

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Changed the title. Just change it to closed when you finish so it says:

[CLOSED] - Caleb_Kenneford6 ATC Tracking Thread

I have changed to EGBB

On my way in the BBJ

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It appears @Faisal_MG took your place at EGCC and he did a great job as ATC đź‘Ź

Awesome! I am now operating at EGBB

I would strongly suggest to do your practice at an airport with multiple (parallel) runways. This allows for runway changes etc

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I was going to move to a different airport after this last aircraft has landed

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