[CLOSED] Budget Airlines in Birmingham! @ EGBB - 232200ZSEP17

I should be able to make it, sign me up.

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Flybe is a budget airline and it has a hub in EGBB also please could I have a gate and can I use a Flybe Dash 8

Yes t-05 is all yours

Ok T-06 is all yours

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Can I have a gate I like budget airlines

Ok! I’ll give you T-07

Just added 4 More Airlines for y’all ;)

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Thanks dude for adding more

Hopefully I’ll make it. Sign me up!

Would love to do this, sign me up!

You get the last gate! Congrats! T-08C is yours!

Sorry but my event is now full. Thank you for asking to participate though. I have some more events coming if you would like to join them

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would love to join future events

Is there anyone else that is stuck on the Loading page? I can’t connect to ATC

Can I join because it will be my first flight

Can I take a gate please. Thanks

It’s not time yet :)

ATTENTION! Event is in 7 hours as there seems to be confusion on what time it is for the event. Be sure to check your local zulu time.


Well, then 1000Z is wrong as for me that’s 11:00

I think a lot of people are confused because 1000z is the morning, and that’s been and gone. If if was in the evening if would be 2200z.

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