[Closed] Brussels South - Charleroi Needs Pattern Work! [PG]

Once again I am opening up ATC on the Playground Server, this time Ground and Tower at Charleroi. Please come along and do some pattern work. It would be greatly appreciated.

EBCI / Brussels South - Charleroi Intl (Amsterdam region) is now open for your pattern needs.

As this time I have ground control, I may be slightly slower off the mark. If so, please stay respective of realism.

Know your weight! You should be able to take off on the 8374ft long runway, but please don’t have a 125% percent load and barely be able to lift the tyres off.

Please don’t come in an A380. Although Charleroi is Class Charlie, please don’t abuse this. I don’t want to see planes much larger than a 737. The most frequent operators are Ryanair and W!ZZ.

Recommended parking for jets is at the terminal. Please use one of these slots: P31, P57, P60, P64. GA and other traffic are free to use other gates respectively.

With the current wind conditions, 25 is the runway in use. This may change depending on conditions. 25 is ILS equipped. If the frequency becomes busy only transmit important messages.

Please come along and have fun doing some pattern work.

Thanks, Freddiefrogs

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Looking forward to when the airport update is coming. Redone this quite lately with official parking spots etc.

Anyways, not able right now but I hope others benefit from your service.

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I’ll hop over and give it a try :) W!ZZ A320, P64

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Reloading. I had a crash.

All in all you did a good job. Go on training. Looking forward seeing you in Advanced ATC soon

I won’t be advanced soon. I have a long way to go…