[Closed] British Airways Virtual Presents: "Fly To F1: Brake Zones of Silverstone" @ EGLL - 081530ZJLY18


Fly to F1: “Break Zones of Silverstone”

checked Official Event of British Airways Virtual Airline

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Server: Casual

Region: United Kingdom

Airport: EGLL

Time: 2:30 PM3:30 PM

Aircraft: Airbus A318 in the British Airways Livery

Fuel: 3500kilo/7500lbs


megaphone Event Description

British Airways Virtual is proud to present you the tenth round of our Infinite Flight event series, “Fly to F1.”
This series revolves around the Formula One World Championship where we fly from London Heathrow because this is our largest hub, to the location of the race in said week. However this week is special because the race that marks the largest of the season for many brits as it is here at the Silverstone track in the United Kingdom. Due to it’s location we will be celebrating the event differently this weekend. We will be flying a large loop in the shape of the track at Silverstone. We will also be passing over the real Silverstone track on the back straight so keep your eyes peeled!

Map of Silverstone Track. Stretch between turns 18-1 is Heathrow airport.




map Event Route

The flight plan can be copied from Speedbird 145 ‘Kevin Potthast’ or you can copy and paste it from here. Please note, some corners are very tight and will require manual turning. These are highlighted in red on the picture of the route.


  • 3000FPM to FL180

  • 240KTS to FL100

  • 320KTS to FL180

  • Turn 9 ascend 1000FPM to FL190

Paths taken based on active runway. Lime is if 09R is active runway, Red is if 27L is active runway


  • 9MIN ETE

  • -2000FPM

  • STOP at FL110 and follow event leader in. Remember to split off to parallel runways once turning final.

Paths taken based on active runway. Lime is if 09L/R is active runway, Red is if 27L/R is active runway


Route Copy/Paste

5128N/0030W 5128N/0056W 5129N/0059W 5130N/0101W 5134N/0103W 5140N/0107W 5142N/0115W 5143N/0128W 5144N/0131W 5146N/0130W 5150N/0125W 5152N/0125W 5153N/0127W 5153N/0130W 5151N/0139W 5149N/0142W 5147N/0143W 5112N/0148W 5110N/0147W 5109N/0146W 5110N/0144W 5112N/0137W 5112N/0135W 5111N/0132W 5109N/0131W 5107N/0132W 5106N/0133W 5105N/0150W 5105N/0156W 5106N/0200W 5125N/0227W 5128N/0229W 5131N/0229W 5136N/0223W 5143N/0212W 5148N/0159W 5151N/0156W 5155N/0152W 5157N/0141W 5158N/0138W 5203N/0135W 5204N/0133W 5205N/0129W 5204N/0127W 5202N/0119W 5202N/0111W 5205N/0010W 5205N/0005W 5204N/0002W 5203N/0001W 5201N/0000W 5158N/0000W 5154N/0005W 5139N/0011W 5138N/0010W 5137N/0006W 5135N/0004W 5132N/0004W 5130N/0007W 5128N/0011W 5128N/0023W


airplane Event Gates

More Gates Will be Added if Necessary, we Won’t run out!
Please comment below to request a gate

Heathrow Terminal Five, far Left when looking at the airport in Infinite Flight.

Gate 523: @Kevin_Potthast [Event Leader]
Gate 522: @Ameru187
Gate 521: @A320fan
Gate 520: @KPIT
Gate 519: @William_Chin
Gate 518: @Gaby_Burnei
Gate 516: @morgan99
Gate 514: @Takeoff_Aviation
Gate 512: @FraserH99
Gate 511: @2003iggy
Gate 509: @Cpt_Scott
Gate 508: @Philippe_Gilbert
Gate 507: CJ [DP]
Gate 506:
Gate 505:
Gate 503:
Gate 502:
Gate 501:





@KPIT you wanted me to tag you on the next event. Hope you can make this one ;)

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Can I get a gate? Please

ill join, shall i just use your fpl on the day?

You can copy the flight plan from me. That is ok. Both you and Colin are added. See you there!

Put me down! I don’t see anything on my calendar!

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thank you, can’t wait

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I want to join the event, I will be using A319

I should be able to make it… sign me up for now!

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Please fly the required A318. Is this okay with you?

Sign Me Up Please , One More Question ,When Is The Event ,I Mean The Date Of The Event

The event is tomorrow. You can view the time conversions in the time section at the top. Thanks!

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As much as I would love to come, I will be busy tomorrow. Have a great time!

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I’ll be there if that’s ok!

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Count me in @Kevin_Potthast! Speedbird 338

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I would love to do this. I have done it myself with other races in the past just in my own but never as an event

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Hey I am interested in this but will not know if I can come until the last minute, can you put me down as maybe for gate 512 please?

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30 minutes until push. It’s not too late to sign up!

Please Note: We Will Use 27L for Departures and 27R/L for arrivals. Thanks!

Can you give me a gate please? I’ll be Speedbird 2 0 6 once in game with the name “Captain Scott”

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