[CLOSED] British Airways Virtual Airline | Come together this Christmas @ EGLL - 251400ZDEC16

Come together this Christmas @ EGLL - 251400ZDEC16

Server: Training Server 1

Region: London

Airport: EGLL

Time: 1400Z


Christmas Day is a time to share with your family, loved ones and those most dearest… But then again, who doesn’t want to be playing on their new iPads/Phones or tablets this Christmas Day, making the most of their new Live subscriptions?

Come fly with us in any BA liveried aircraft and join British Airways Virtual Airlines as we celebrate Christmas Day with our family, our IFC community.

BA VA welcomes, members of the IFC to join our BA VA pilots and senior leaders and come fly with us as we fly the short hop from EGLL to EGBB at 1400z on TS1.

Furthermore, on a side note and in the Christmas spirit:

For every member that flys with us in this event, BA VA will donate 5p to a Christmas charity.

Comment below your BA VA callsign, or ask for a designated ‘Guest speedbird callsign’. (We will run a callsign matrix in the comments area)

On behalf of the entire Virtual Airline, Merry Christmas.

President and Owner of British Airways VA.

For information on joining us at British Airways VA visit: http://flemdog1000.wixsite.com/bava


Put me in for a gate ASAP please louis


Speedbird 5 will be attending. Will use the A380 if allowed.

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Of course! It’s Christmas! All BA aircraft allowed!

As we are expecting high numbers, we won’t be allocating gates, only guest callsigns for those IFC members who are not BAVA members.

@LouDon16 How lovely. Count me in!


Thanks sir!


@Laura - This is the event I was referring to.

I hope you can support, the more guests the more money we will donate to a Christmas charity!!


Speedbird 7 will be attending👍😊

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It’s going to be at midnight for me, but why not? Great idea, I’ll be there, allocate me a Guest Callsign please!


Thank you sir Speedbird 10 for you.

I will be there aswell! Any gate will do for me

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Are Air France KLM VA members welcomed ?

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Everyone is welcome to join!.


Of course!!

Wow, that’s an incredibly generous effort. Good on all of you for it. I’ll do my best to be there.

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Speedbird 144 will be there!


Brill mate

Thank you :)

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Speedbird 12 attending