(CLOSED) British Airways VA, VATC is back! @ EGHH - 081900ZAPR17

British Airways VA, VATC is back!

Server: Casual

Region: London

Airport: EGHH

Time: 1900Z

[details=Flight Plan Details]

Pushing back from EGHH at 1900z sharp we will head over towards EGLP at 6,000ft 200kts before we turn onto the approach into EGLL for a low flyover at 1,000ft.

Once the fly over is complete we will continue towards EGLC where we will make a sharp left turn taking us up north towards EGUN and then a left towards the East Midlands, before a turn in the Nottingham area XSBY and into East Midlands Airport for a controlled landing.



British Airways Virtual Airline, will be hosting its first VATC session tonight. Allowing its staff and pilots to show off their real life ATC skills via the discord app.

If you wish to get involved, and test your hand with real life procedures, approaches and ATC; Full verbal ATC services will be provided including, approach, departure, centre so lets see how you get on!We will be sharing our discord link later in the afternoon.

However we do welcome any members of the community who would wish to take part in a packed group flight with British Airways without the use of the VATC, to join us none the less.

Gates will not be allocated, just come spawn in and fly!

See you in the skies!

British Airways is proud to promote professional flying and behaviour. Any behaviour or flight conduct that fails to meet the standards expected by the IFC and BAVA could result in you being reported in-flight. Whilst I appreciate we will be using the Casual Server, your professionalism and realism is respected and appreciated. Thanks!

For more information on joining British Airways Virtual Airline, Visit: http://bavavirtual.weebly.com/

British Airways VA nor FDS are associated with third party gaming voice comms app: Discord in any way.


Bet I’ll be there, boss!


Il be there also yay

Brilliant, and welcome to the forums!

I will try to get there (with my discord ofc) in a British Airways A319!

Discord link for tonight’s event


No qualifications, just come on and have some fun. Once the Discord is open you will be able to navigate around it very easily. If you want a go at controlling, speak with @Harry_Cook who is co-ordinating op spots.

Would be good to see you and some of your staff with us tonight.



Do we need to know taxiways and such? Lol sorry but I’ve never attended one of these so I’m hesitant to do it without proper knowledge. Is it just like normal ATC where they just give you pushback clearance and taxi and that’s it?

@Harry_Cook is gonna nip on in 10 mins and will be able to answer that, he is our VATC expert!

I’ll try and be there

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Im going live on the discord server in 5 minutes to answer any questions that you may have. Anybody is welcome

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it is now 18:24z

Our event is at 1900z
Saturday, 8 April 2017

Please follow our Discord link: https://discord.gg/nEJec

Spawn now.

EGHH, Casual server.

Voice ATC provided on: https://discord.gg/nEJec

##Thank You
A huge thank you to all whom turned out, I hope you enjoyed our VATC event as much as I did. It was great to see so many pilots join us, who aren’t yet members of the VA.

For more information on joining British Airways Virtual Airline, Visit: http://bavavirtual.weebly.com/

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