[Closed] British Airways @ EGLL - 041400ZAUG15

server : ATC playground

Time : 1400Z 1500BST

plane : Come as any plane as long as it is a British airways livery

location : EGLL (London Heathrow) (London region) use any T5 gates and stands but not any T5A or T5B. We will then fly to EGBB (Birmingham)

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British Airways Group Flgiht @ EGLL - TUE 04 AUG 1400Z

Excellent, will try and join if I can.

GMT and Z are the same thing so 1400Z is 1400GMT. I think you meant 1400Z and 1500 BST (i.e. what we are currently on - British Summer Time).

Btw, why no gates on T5A and B? Are we only to use T5C then?

I’m in will you send any pics of the route
Call sign:Speedbird 001

Wren, I’m sorry I don’t think I’ll get those tutorials done for quite some time- I’ve got to go to Malaysia with work, just found out and I’m going tomorrow!!

Only use T5 506 through to 582

Please can you rename the topic as instructed?
Edit: Thank you.

506 is in T5A though!

506-582 are pretty much all the T5A, B, and C stands but missing out 501-503 & 505 which are along the north edge of T5A.

Oh sorry in game it says they are just T5 but now use 508 to 518 T5A

  1. IAA75
  2. HON14
  3. IBM07
  4. EGBB

Current winds at EGLL 24016KT, and the TAF s more of teh same with possibly some stronger winds & gusting between 0900-1800Z (23015G26KT) - so runways 27L & 27R look good for use at the event with a little bit of a croswind.

Current winds at EGBB 21012KT 170V240. TAF is 19008KT all day possibly getting stronger to 20017G27KT from 0700-1700Z, so it looks like rumway 15 will be the one in use duing the event.

I have just done a test flight of route in a380 and it was all fine crosswinds of 17kts at most around London coming down to 16kts at birmingham

EGLL is currently 25015G25KT. That is only 20 degrees off the runway heading so actually the current crosswind component is not very big.

Crosswind = windspeed x sin (a) where a is the runway angle offset.

In this case sin (a) is 0.34 so the 25015G25KT wind becomes 5.1kts gusting to 8.5 kts in terms of crosswind.

It’s fine mate just pm when they are ready

Hi, please change your title to
British Airways @ EGLL - 041400ZAUG15
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@SkyHawk that is incorrect (your post on the event title)

@GatwickGuy My one is correct and follows the updated guidelines. Please change it again

I edited the time format as instructed. Hope all Good.

Don’t use CAPS/BOLD unless necessary, Looks like you are shouting at me ;)

Can you say what your call sign is if you are taking part in the event

If I am there I will be a BA A380 callsign Speedbird 880 Super. Alternatively I can do some controlling if you want.

No don’t need controller @ATK