[CLOSED] Boeing VS Airbus @ TNCM - 050800ZJUN16

Server: Advanced

Region: St. Marten region

Airport: TNCM-TFFR

Time: 3:00 est.

Date: June 5th

Airplanes: Take a Boeing 747-8, 767-300, or 757-200. Or, take an Airbus A320, A330-300, or A340-600 ALL HAVE TO BE GENERIC LIVERIES

NOTAM: We will have a Boeing versus Airbus event. We will see who will fly more “in style (:” I will be flying in a 757-200 American Livery. (To mark that that is me.) Please, if you see that the parking space that you are in is taken, move to a different one.


oops change it back that was a mistake

there we go

Why was it put as June 16? I need it June 3rd

thanks @FedoraPilot

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It is JUN16 as June 2016

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oh. Sorry. I will change it back

I edited the title to include the appropriate info to meet the events guidelines. It wasn’t saying the 16th June, it said June16 as in 2016. Please check the #live:events guidelines if you do not trust me…

About the Events category - #9 by Swang007

@FedoraPilot please do by incorrectly adjust events titles if you don’t understand them yourself.

I believe you @CJ12

How about a388?

nah. In real life, A380’s will overshoot the runway

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Yay taboo topic in aviation… aka Airbus vs Boeing


On IF it says June 2nd. I need it June 3rd plz!

And what’s 3:00pm est in Zulu time?

The event starts in one hour, everyone

Im coming in an A320

Got it. Can’t wait!

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Is there any flight plan or do I have to make my own?

In st marten region, there isn’t really any waypoints so just try to follow me as much as you can.

Alright guys I’m going on now