[Closed] Boeing Tribute @ KLAX - 301722ZOCT15

Server: ATC Playground

Region: Southern California Area

Airport: KLAX

Time: 2200Z

NOTAM: * Boeing Planes Only My Callsign is Southwest 90 Heavy Real time Is 5:00 PM Central USA, Air traffic Controllers Are Welcome*

Can’t make it! Sorry man!

Is it 1722Z as on the heading, or 2200Z???

I can make it

I’ll be Air Canada 21 Heavy in a Boeing 777-300ER Air Canada.

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I will be in a 737 of southwest Airlines or in a 747 of delta Airlines

Crap, I can’t make it

The time Is 22:00Z

southwest 90 heavy?

Yes southwest 90 heavy

You know what! I can make it

And what day is it? Oct 28?

What terminal?

Are we even doing this event?

Its OCT 30th

Oh, how stupid of me.

I can make it. What terminal do you want me at. 3:00 PM in PDT for those on the west coast. My callsign is N61YH. November 6 1 yankee hotel.