[Closed] Boeing Centenary Flight @ KLAX - 231430ZJUL16

Server: Advanced Server

Region: Southern Califronia

Airport: KLAX - runway 25L to KNUC - runway 24

Time: 23/07/16 at 14:30 GMT or 14:30 ZULU

NOTAM: *We are here to celebrate 100 years of beoings contribution to aviation.
For this event I require 10 aircraft
1 x 747 ( British Airways)
2 x 777-300ER (American Airlines)
3 x 767 -300 (Air France)
4 x 737-900 (BBJ3)
I will also require 3 ATC anyone is welcome just make sure you know somewhat what you’re doing
Note: If the aircraft is in ITALICS it is already taken.
We shall start at KLAX runway 25L where the 747 will take off first followed by the two 777 and then the three 767 and so on. After this we shall fly continuing on the course set by the runway at around 12,000 feet where we shall form up into an arrowhead formation as shown below:

We shall cruise at round 300 AIRSPEED until we reach the alignment turn for KNUC - runway 24 we shall land in a straight line taxi off the runway and setup for takeoff again. You shall be given a landing number when you join up. After we have taken off in the same order as landing we shall form up after the turn at RIFFT once gain in the same formation. We shall take off once again and break formation to land at the allignment turn for runway 25L - KLAX
This will be hard and is not for the faint of hearted so please try and be serious. See you up there- WTJ001

P.S here is the provisional route:



Nice event, but why not do it in Seattle, where Boeing Field is?


Good point I didn’t think about that and plus j have lots if experience doing this route. Are you intrested?

I’m interested to join. By the way, you should consider hosting the event on the advanced server; SoCal on ATC Playground is just messy.

Sorry but playground means more people can join hich aircraft where you thinking about

Hello!I’m interested in participating in this event.I’m a senior flight officer in the most of the flight simulators.I want to participate as the Boeing 747.(I would participate as an another plane but I do not have puchased them ;( )If you do I cannot participate as this plane,then I’ll be very pleased to be an ATC.

I hope that I’ll be able to participate in this amazing event…

Happy Birthday Boeing!

Was about to participate,

Playground server…

No way.


Hi I would like to participate!. Preferably with the B-767-300.
I would also suggests the lead ship to be the B-748, since its boeing’s newest aircraft (not counting the B-737MAX).

Hello!What’s up?!Have you all considered putting some Boeing F-18s following the other airplanes?If you agree in putting them,please inform me immediately, as I have more experience in flying those planes.

I agree. The problem with organising an event on PG at SoCal is chances are high that you will find an ATC at both airports and who are not part of the event.


Along with all of the other problems with SoCal PG 😂

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Just changed the server am wondering if this intrest any new peopl

You’re right…Never mind,I’ll pilot the 747…

I can assure you we do ;) Just remember the “flight of 9” callsign (that’s the highest number).

Mats isn’t it flight of 10 as Max?

So are you in then?

Which aircraft would you like to fly?

My bad… Lol

Sorry,but I do not understand what you’re exactly saying…

Which part of it?