(Closed) Boeing Ballistic @ KBFI - 210200ZAUG17

Server: Training

Region: Seattle

Airport: KBFI

Time: 0300

NOTAM: We’re going Boeing ballistic in Seattle! Join me in any Boeing aircraft and follow the flight plan below. We’ll be cruising at FL200 Follow Boeing 297, which is me across the Seattle region. Hope to see you there!!
[At KBFI, DO NOT taxi until I do!]


Bay A1: @SouthwestFan - Boeing 297
Bay A2: @itsSpencerBrown - AAL416
Bay A3: @PilotoftheFuture - N613WOB
Bay A4:
Bay A5:
Bay A6:
Bay A7:
Bay A8:
Bay B1:
Bay B2:
Bay B3:
Bay B4:
Bay B5:
Bay B6:
Bay B7:
Bay B8:
Bay B9:

Atc: If anyone wants to voulenteer for atc, just ask!
KBFI Ground: @Dylan
KBFI Tower: @Dylan

Flight plan:

If you have questions, just ask! Hope to see you there!


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I’ll be there! AAL416. Let me know if I should start at a specific gate…looking forward to it!

What gate do you want?

I will volunteer for ATC Ground and Tower.

Great! Thank you! Very much appreciated.

Now changed to 2:00 Zulu (10:00 pm EDT)

Can I have a gate it’s a little late but can I?

I’m N613WOB just so you know

Yes! You definitely can have a gate

No more entries now. @PilotoftheFuture, @itsSpencerBrown, and @dylan, you can spawn in now.

We’ll start descending between TIMEE and RADDY

Sorry had to go somewhere bye maybe next time

Did anyone take pictures??

Sadly, I did not, but I had a great time. Even though there was a troll

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I took pictures with that close call with me and spencer

@schyllberg, can you please close?