[Closed] Boeing at Boeing @ KBFI - 212115ZSEP15

Server: ATC Playground

Region: Seattle

Airport: KBFI (Boeing Field) to KSEA (Seattle Tacoma)

Time: 21:15 Zulu (be there for 21:10) 21st Sep 15

NOTAM: Use Boeing aircraft only, I would suggest you use Boeing of Factory liveries but if you can’t I don’t mind😄 fly in formation from Boeing field to Seattle Tacoma. (Wait until everyone has taken off before flying onwards to Seattle Tacoma. You can fly back and forth from both airports as long as you want😄

As always I will be T-Ribzz 96

Sorry I put in the wrong date😄

Will try and be there but not sure

I hope to see you tomorow I doubt many others will be there though😄

I would love to but I don’t have that region. :(

I hope a lot of people come to your event!

Will be there. But wouldn’t it be cooler if everyone uses boeing’s livery or the bare metal green livery? Adds a bit realism :)

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I’m already limiting the number of people who can go to this event by putting it in seattle this would limit it further as only the 737 900 and 747 8 have factory and Boeing liveries sorry. I will suggest it though😄

If I can do it (which I still don’t know until about one hour before) I will be in Boeing 747-8 house colours

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I’ll probably be in a factory 737-900

Event starting in 5-10 minutes

Can’t do it as I don’t have Seattle! Hope it all goes well Jozef!

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Sorry I missed it. iPad went dead so I just abandoned all hop as I had an early start today

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No bother there was nobody else there anyway (probably because I picked Seattle an uncommon region for people to purchase😢)

It’s a real shame that Seattle is so unpopular. For me, it’s one of my favourite regions, because I love the bush flying you can do there. My favourite airport in IF is in Seattle. It’s Ranger Creek (21W) because of the surroundings and it’s incredible approach. If you could organise another event in Seattle maybe an hour earlier I would be able to attend definately

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I’ll see what I can do and when I’m free😄

Oh no Jozef! Feel gutted for you man!