[Closed] Boeing 777-300ER Event @ KLAX - 251700ZMAR16

777 of american airlines or 757 2013 livery
when:friday 25 march 18pm london time
start: klax parking t3
my callsign is aa821 :)
please select my plane on the map and copy my flight plan
at ksan we will take a photo
flight info comes later :)


I go with 777-300ER

I might just attend this event. Call sign QR01
Qatar airways

atc playground

How many more mins/hours will we start flying?

So are we still doing this

I cant wait till we do this

yup we are still doing it but the time is changed 1hour earlier

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im sorry the event will be tomorrow we have some issues with the network tommoraw at 18am london time

I will be there a757 American 2013 on ATC play ground

My call sign is American 757

The event is tomorrow

Where is everybody i was waiting☹️