[CLOSED] Boeing 747-8F openable front cargo door

Like the 747-400F, the upper deck is shorter than the passenger modification, immediately before and after the wing in the fuselage inserts are made with a total length of 5,575 m. With a maximum take-off weight of 447 tons, its total load capacity will be 140 tons, and the flight range — 8130 km. On the main deck there is space for four more cargo pallets, and on the lower deck — for two additional containers and two additional pallets, or three additional pallets.

It may be useful for many cargo Virtual Airlines.
Credits: Boeing 747-8 — Википедия

So you are asking for a rework?

There is a rework that is requesting this feature :D

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5,575meters? That’s 3.5 miles. Do you mean 5.565m?

Thanks @Lufthansa2 haven’t seen that. @KGJT-9149 yes I meant that sorry.

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Closing now, thanks everyone who voted!

They would have to make a different topic about that. He’s fine.

In the rework, it states it is a wanted feature. So it is already stated.