[CLOSED] bobo2345's ATC Tracking Thread

Welcome to the official ATC tracking thread of @bobo2345 !

I will try to open for a least 30 minutes every 2 days or more often depending on life.
I will format all my opening posts like this:
Open time:
Estimated session duration:
Pattern Work:
Aircraft restrictions:

Feedback is preferred in this topic or in a PM please. Please rate my controlling 1-10 and say why you have chose the chosen number you have. Also, please say what I can improve on in your feedback.

Join the ATCEG image http://atcegif.weebly.com/contact.html


Nice little logo there, pal! (Even if it is edited) Best of luck in your journey to further advancement in the ATC field!

I just searched up ATC tower came up pretty nice pic then put my stuff on it. Thanks! Got around 450 ops currently hoping to get at least 6000 by December when my birthday is then on the 10th (my bday day) I plan on joining IFATC on my birthday so that should be cool.

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Open at EGLL come say hi!
Open time: 2150Z
Estimated session duration: 45 minutes
Pattern Work: Allowed on 09L
Aircraft restrictions: none
METAR: EGLL 072120Z AUTO 10004KT 9999 NCD 20/10 Q1015 NOSIG
NOTAMS: Pattern work accepted 09L. All other departures are on 09R.

Still open at EGLL come fly in or fly some patterns!

PH-ADZ coming, as an inbound. Watch your pattern entry & sequence.

EDIT: someone grabbed your Approach. Not much Tower practice for you now. I suggest for ATC practice, you open a less obvious airport, with parallel runways. I’ll come and fly then.

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Roger! @Trio Is Approach and Departure and @Transport_Hub is ground we are making a great “trio” Come and stop by if you want some Quality Controlling

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Allright, I had a quick flight.
Nice work by @Trio on Approach!
@bobo2345 thanks for Tower. Just watch who you clear for the option. Not everyone is doing touch and goes 😅

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Now closed thanks to all who came!

@azeeuwnl yeah haven’t controlled in a month or so trying to get back into the groove so little rusty thanks for coming by!

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Sorry for the inactivity lately.
Open time: 2025Z
Estimated session duration: 30-45 minutes
Airport: KDFW
Pattern Work: Allowed. Runway at pilots discretion.
Aircraft restrictions: None
METAR:KDFW 131953Z 15010G18KT 10SM SCT047 BKN060 30/19 A2995 RMK AO2 SLP134 T03000194
NOTAMS: None just come have fun!
EDIT: CLOSED Will open in about 3 hours again.

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