[CLOSED] Birmingham PG open

EGBB Playground, please come, i want more traffic )
Every plane is allowed )

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I’ll come ((:

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Not bad. But joy landing was due to my device being shit

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I was there in the Thomson 737-800, call sign CS129. Just a few tips:

  • You cleared me to pushback and then to taxi when I requested, but you also cleared a BA 747 to pushback once I was waiting to taxi behind it. This would of meant it would have push backed into my aircraft.

  • You were telling different aircraft to taxi to different runways, this is fine but it’s usually easier to use one runway for takeoffs and landings because you don’t have planes departing and approaching flying into eachother. This way you can also allow more takeoffs in between landings.

  • Try to clear aircraft in the pattern for landing sooner, although you did this good (because I made a very quick base) I was basically on final upon being cleared for the option.

Overall your pattern work was good and you cleared aircraft for landings/takeoffs well! :)


Yes whatever that means ((: lol

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No, it is not fine ;) Prohibited actually

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I didn’t want to sound too criticising ;)

Thanks everyone for coming!
I had to leave cause i have to install my Christmas tree 🎄

Thank you for your feedback!

  1. With pushback, it was my fault as i payed more attention for aircrafts ready to takeoff.
  2. I tried to use RWY 15 for everything, but 2 times used 33, as i thought its not pleasure for someone to taxi between different sides of the airport

Thanks everyone 😉

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It’s fine, well done! Happy holidays

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Same for You )

Still open?

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Temporarily closed, with hope to re-open again.