[Closed]Biggin Hill Festival Of Flight @ EGKB - 100900ZSEP17

Server: Casual

Region: London

Airport: EGKB

Time: 0900Z

The Biggin Hill Festival Of Flight airshow is here! This fun filled day is going to be jam packed with aerial displays from various aircraft.
The flying starts at 0900Z on the Sunday.

On Friday the 1st September, and 2nd September, will be the arrivals day for the show. Just makes the airshow even more realistic.

For all three days of the show, runway 3/21 will be in use. Below is the map for the airshow:


The green area marked on the map is the area for the static aircraft, if you’re not participating in the flying but just want to watch, use any aircraft of your choice, you will be allowed to park on the grass inside the show.

The red area is the zone where the flying display will take place. If you’re in the flying display please spawn in at the old military ramp and taxi to the runway in use.

Feel free to sign up for the airshow, I will need to know the aircraft you’ll be using, and your callsign.

Display slot 1: Morgan99 - 787-10
Display Slot 2: air force 228 - f14
Display Slot 3: chris_carna - 777-300er
Display Slot 4:Joe Scott Evans - spitfire
Display Slot 5: Morgan99 f22
Display Slot 6: Luke Kelly f16
Display Slot 7: spitfire and p38 take off to hold.
Display slot 8: Boeing 747-8(user name) F22
Display slot 9: spitfire & p38 flypast and land.
Display Slot 10: speedbird 653 C130J
Display Slot 11:morgan99 a318
Display slot 12:aron ray a10
Display Slot 13: RAF BBMF
Display Slot 14: Morgan99 - sr22
Display Slot 15:air force 968 c17 flypast
Display Slot 16:nasa 747sp sofia flypast
Display Slot 17: finn c130
Display Slot 18:
Display Slot 19:
Display Slot 20:
Mass aircraft flypast finale (anyone can participate in this, no need to sign up for this)

Hope to see you there!


Can I have a spot, Air Force 228 in a F14.


Can you tell me was 0900Z is in regular time because I’m in the United States and I would like to have a spot I will be flying a A 777– 300 ER if I can fly that if not I will be flying a 777–200 or a 737–900


Use the internet for that. Plus, it’s 5 am edt.


I’m postponing the event and moving it to the 10th September. Login issues are preventing me getting online, and I don’t know if everyone else is having the same issue.

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We could fly together, if you want, I’ll fly slowly in the f22 raptor, showing off the old and the new aircraft

Any chance I can display in either a F16 or Spitfire?


I could put you down for both if you want.

I’ll be flying in and rehearsing that day too.

I’ll probably use the F16

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Sign me up as F22US in my trusty F-22 on the display team, I would prefer display 8
( can you also put the conversions because I might not be able to make it due to time)

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You lead I’ll flank you

Our flypast is added to the list. Look at display slot 7 & 9.

Yeah, maybe at 1400z tomorrow at biggin hill?

Hi there, can I have a slot please. I will be in a RAF Lockheed C-130J. My callsign, Speedbird 653 Heavy. I plan to do a couple of low fly bys and Blue Angles style landing.


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You have been added to the list, see you there!

Can I have a spot PLS-A-10

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Casual, for all the event

Can I have a slot please I will display in a spitfire as I represent RAF BBMF my call sign is Air Force 968 super what time would my slot be ?

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Not too sure, it’s just a case of one finish, the next is holding short ready to display after the previous display lands