[Closed] Big Easter flight! @ EGLL - 271830ZMAR16

Hey everyone,

Easter is quickly coming up, so I decided to organise an Easter flight the Sunday 27th of March 2016. I haven’t quite sorted out the FPL just yet, but it should be ready by tomorrow.

For those interested;

Server: ATC Playground

Region: London Area

Airport: EGBB to EGNX ( a bit of a tour around the map, and sightseeing )

Time: 1830 GMT or 0930 PST

NOTAM: Cruising altitude: FL220 / Cruising speed: 350 knts airspeed


We will start with the blue line, touch and go at EGLL, then proceed to EGNX, where we will land


Any plane is allowed for this event except; Millitary aircraft, and single-engined propeller aircraft! The livery is completely up to you, whether you want to represent your home country, a frequently used airline, a virtual airline, or just want to fly in a livery you esteem cool, or visually attractive.
Note : Dash 8 users are kindly requested to take off later in the event, as their landing speeds are relatively slower than the one of regular jets. I didn’t want to restrict access to Dash 8 flyers, as I esteemed that to be unfair. PM me if you disagree. If many people do, we will either give an alternate FPL to Dash 8 flyers, or try and bear with the slower speeds.

Well I hope this project comes together well, and thanks for your patience!!!

May the skies be ever in your favour (quote I heard from someone and thought was cool)

Hisham OMAR


Thanks for the help! Sorry if I created any disturbance.

May I recommend a start at EGNX in which case?

I’m open to all suggestions! :-)

Would be cool, thanks!

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It is just a bit more northern than EGBB, and is quite a nice one. Just to show people somewhere new :)

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@IceBlue It’s always good for people to explore to places, it’s part of the excitement. But will it be able to handle the traffic?

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Indeed it would; it is a passenger and cargo airport IRL, and it is a Bravo- Birmingham is actually a Charlie.

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Quite a good comparison actually. Gives me an idea of the scale!

Cool, i’ll see tomorrow when I plan the FPL

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sorry, WAY TOO EARLY for me ;(

@JFKPlaneSpotter101 No problem mate, I understand it may not be suitable for all of the users.

Hello, do you want me to organize the FPL? PM me at @PlanesForLife if you want!

UPDATE 22.3.16

Attention all,

The route has now been changed to EGLL to EGNX. I believe it will be a marvel to explore and fill an unknown airport. Please PM me if you disagree with this change. Also, there might be a return route planned to further enjoy the english landscape. All this will be confirmed when we release the final FPL tomorrow, near the same time as now. Until then, we thank you for your patience!

-Hisham OMAR


Thanks again @Captain_Skywalker . I got to go now. By the way, I don’t know why we put @EGBB when we were always starting from EGLL. Oh well. See you tomorrow when I’ll return with the FPL!

-Hisham OMAR

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