[CLOSED]Berlin Tempelhof Tribute Flight!

  • Aircraft and Livery:
    737-700: Air Berlin
    737-900: Aeroflot
    A319-100: Air Berlin
    A320-200: Aeroflot

  • Route: Frankfurt (EDDF) to Berlin Tempelhof (EDDI)

  • Time of Departure: 2019-05-25T19:00:00Z

  • Server: Expert

    Spawn 15 mins before flight
    If there is no ATC, be respectful and professional on Unicom
    You can copy the flight plan of Aeroflot 857 (me)
    Max 40 people sign up quickly!


Any Terminal 1 gate - Air Berlin
Any Terminal 2 gate - Aeroflot

  • Additional Information:
    There are only 40 gates, which is why the max is 40.

  • About The Airport
    image image image

Berlin Tempelhof Airport was one of the first airports in Berlin, Germany. Situated in the south-central Berlin borough of Tempelhof-Schöneberg, the airport ceased operating in 2008 amid controversy, leaving Tegel and Schönefeld as the two main airports serving the city, with the new Berlin Brandenburg Airport still under construction as of 2019.


Doesn’t follow guidelines. Group flights must occur within three hours of the creation of the topic. Also title is incorrect.

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Sorry! I’ll follow the guidelines next time

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