[CLOSED] BAVA Recruitment Event TS1 @ EGLL - 032000ZMAY17

#British Airways Recruitment event

NOTAM: Join British Airways showing off British colours flying from London Heathrow (EGLL) to Birmingham (EGBB).

Date: 03/05/2017
Time: 20:00Z
Region: London
Starting airport: EGLL

Climb V/S: 2,500ft/min
Speed to 10,000ft: 240KIAS
Cruise altitude: 14,000ft
Cruise speed: 300KIAS
Descend at 40NM away from EGBB
Descent Speed: 220KIAS
Descent V/S: Times ground speed by 5 (i.e 220GS Descent V/S=1,100ft/min)

If you come and fly with us you will be able to join BA at Rank 2 (Captain).

Gates will not be assigned, just spawn at T5, FPL will be copied from Speedbird 17. We will be flying the Queen of the Skies, our lovely 747-400.

See you in the skies soon.


Gonna be a fun flight 🙂


Event tonight everyone! Remember you can join at our second rank if you attend!

Will be there!


Gate please !!!

Just turn up there! No gates assigned

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On what server?


Training server :) says in title

Can I? Swiss 118(am I)

has it started


I asked me too! It seems not

Thanks to everyone who came to make this a great success. Can I ask that if a staff member of BA has not contacted you and you were at the event could you send either myself or our head of recruitment @Nab2914 a message and we will get you set up ASAP.


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