[Closed] BAVA London VATC Recruitment Event @ EGLL - 051800ZAUG17

Date and Time: Saturday August 5th, 1800Z

Region: London

Server: Casual

ATC: Information on VATC Will be given closer to the time.

NOTAM: We will be flying from London Heathrow (EGLL) to Birmingham (EGBB) Copy flight plan from Speedbird 145, no more instructions are necessary as you may fly at your own discretion, after landing you may make a flight plan to any controlled airport in the London region. You may fly any aircraft with our BA livery.

If you wish to join then please request a gate below including a Speedbird Callsign.

Charts should be provided, if you do not see the chart you want this website is a great tool: http://www.nats-uk.ead-it.com/public/index.php%3Foption=com_content&task=blogcategory&id=6&Itemid=13.html4

532- Kevin_Potthast // Speedbird 145
533- Lars_Thorein // Speedbird 1610
534- LouDon // Speedbird 1
535- @Matt_1 // Speedbird 2
536- Rhuan_Barros // Speedbird 121
537- Alec_Films // Speedbird 6637
538- xpira // Speedbird 186
539- @morgan99 Speedbird 1999
541- @Benayres125 Speedbird 123
542- @Liam_purcell Speedbird 130
543- @KiloCharlie1 Speedbird 122
544- @Eddie_Richards Speedbird 135
545- @kylen15 Speedbird 30001
546- Andrewk65 Speedbird 5887
547- @iflightpilot_09 Speedbird 1507
551- @Captain_Ahmad Speedbird 139
552 - John_Ryan Speedbird 2000
553 - Jeno_Farkas Speedbird 144
554 - Luke_Potter Speedbird 1312
555 - Jack.spowage Speedbird 136
556- Rynjil_Harwood Speedbird 127
557- airbavaria Speedbird 1234
562- Steven_Mcdonald Speedbird 201
563- Mike Speedbird 4002
564- Ibrahim29 Speedbird 2130
565- U.A_Gaming Speedbird 1223
566- Mohamed1 Speedbird 1999
More gates will be available if necessary.

Let me know by replying to this thread or if you are a BAVA pilot you can private message me on Slack if you wish to join.

If you have further questions about VATC private message @Captain_Darragh1 if you have questions about the event just ask them in this thread. If you are not a BAVA pilot please bring a four digit Speedbird callsign.

By attending this Event, if you are a BAVA pilot you get an extra 30 minutes of flight time upon joining. If you join BAVA from this event,

Kevin Potthast
Acting Event’s Manager

Darragh O’Donoghue
VATC Line Manager

David R
VATC Instructor

For more information regarding BAVA you may check our website: http://britishairways-virtual.weebly.com


I’ll join if that’s ok, callsign: speedbird 1999

Can I join please? Speedbird 123. If that’s OK ☺

That’s fine. I’ll add you now. Gate 539

@Benayres125 wonderful. Please take gate 541

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Ok everybody, I made this a Wiki so BAVA staff can edit it better, please do not edit unless you are a BAVA staff.


Thanks @Matt_1!
Most probably be attending in a 787-9.

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Please add me Speedbird 130 from BA VA

Requesting gate 542 speedbird 122

Could I join please speedbird 135

PM @Kevin_Potthast for gate info

Oops lemme be speedbird 3001 as I didn’t see the 4 number callsign thing

I’ll join if that ok.Speedbird 2004.Requesting gate 555 in a Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner

@Liam_purcell please take gate 542

@KiloCharlie1 please take gate 543

@Eddie_Richards please take gate 544

@kylen15 please take gate 545

@Captain_Ahmad please take gate 546

Can I have gate? Speedbird 1507

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Of course take Gate 547

Can I take a gate please. Callsign Speedbird 200

Please can I have a gate

can you change my callsign to speedbird 139

What is your callsign? If you are not in BAVA please make it 4 digit.

@John_Ryan @Captain_Ahmad are both of you guys in BAVA? If not please choose a 4 digit callsign.