[CLOSED]BAVA London fly in @ EGLL - 162000ZJUL17

British Airways Virtual Airlines London Fly In

Date and Time: Sunday 16 July 2000Z

Region: London

Server: Training Server 1

ATC: ATC will be provided for both Airports, EGLL will have Ground & Tower while EGBB has approach, ground & tower.

NOTAM: Copy Speedbird13 flight plan, gates are on request so please request on by direct messaging myself. The route is London Heathrow EGLL – Birmingham Airport EGBB.

Aircraft allowed: This event will feature British Airways Livery’s ONLY so please fly our colours. Smaller Aircraft are advised for example a A319 or ERJ-190.

Discord: You can use the pilot channel if you want to chat to other members during the flight.

Leg 1: Please spawn at your given gate, copy my flight plan from the NOTAM. We will push back and taxi to the active runway. After take off set speed 230 IAS and climb to FL140. Cruise speed between 270 and 290. Please maintain separation of 5 miles from aircraft in front. Start you descent into EGBB when told so by ATC. Once on the ground expedite the runway and contact ground. Taxi to the Terminal and wait for all aircraft to land for a group photo.

532- Speedbird13
533- Speedbird153
534- Speedbird182
535- Speedbird147
536- Speedbird19
537- Speedbird18
538- Speedbird1435
539- Speedbird1437
541- Speedbird1438
542- Speedbird1934
543- Speedbird1430
544- Speedbird12
545- Speedbird172
546- Speedbird1449
547- Speedbird158
551- Speedbird1450
552 - Speedbird135
553 - Speedbird1421
554 - Speedbird1470
555 - Speedbird196

More gates will be available if needed.

By attending this Event, you will have an extra 30 minutes added on to your total flying hours if you are a current pilot with British Airways Virtual Airlines.

Luke Kelly
Head of Events


Speedbird 18 will be there :)


You can have 537 Thomas, see you there!

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I would like 3 gates please

1 for me and 2 for my friends

Which are:

We will need them to have IFC accounts please; in case of any ATC issues. Also, what call sign and aircraft will you use?

Good morning. I am not a member of BAVA but would like to join in if possible. If I can I will fly A319. And if possible will use call sign BA112

Let me know if this is ok

Please use the call sign speedbird 1765. You can find “Speedbird”, the official BA call sign, in the airline section for call signs under British Airways

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Hi guys this might be out of my league however i wish to have ago im new to infinite Flight :) what do i do next.

Firstly, make sure you have a valid live subscription, the a318, a319 or the ERJ170 and the London region. Then we assign you a call sign (in this case, Speedbird 1934 - please don’t use “heavy” or “super”). Then turn up at the event time and fly!

Ok no problem and this is at 2200 GMT?

2100 BST @Chad_Payne

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Ok :) no problem hope to be online then.

You can have Speedbird1435
Zeyad - Speedbird1437
Eman - Speedbird1438

Gate 538 for you Mohamed
Gate 539 for Zeyad
Gate 541 for Eman

Hi Chad, your gate is 542 and callsign as previously mentioned Speedbird1934


May i join, my callsign is Speedbird172. Sorry for the late response.

Hola, your video creator here! Gate please?

Can I have a gate please

May I have a gate please?

I would like to participate.