[CLOSED] BAVA A day out in Amsterdam @ EHAM - 292000ZMAY17


Server: Training

Region: Amsterdam

Airport: EHAM

Time: 2000Z

NOTAM: All aircraft no larger than a B777 may be used. Please copy the flight plan from Speedbird 13.

Have you ever flown to Amsterdam? Well now we present A day out in Amsterdam! We shall start at EHAM (Schiphol), then fly to EBBL. After a 5-minute stop, we will proceed to EDDL. We shall touch and go there, and then fly to EDDK. We will again touch and go over here and proceed back to EHAM. Gates do not have to be requested, so please just arrive at EHAM.

Climb/descend information:

First leg (EHAM-EBBL): Take-off at 230KIAS, climb to 12,000ft at 2700 FPM. Cruise speed will be 300KIAS. Descend 60NM out, v/s at pilots’ discretion. Intercept the runway at 3,500ft. Land at EBBL, taxi to parking and wait for 5 minutes for the next leg.

Second leg (EBBL-EDDL): Take-off at 240KIAS, climb to 11,000ft at 2600FPM. Cruise speed will be 290KIAS. Descend 50NM out v/s at pilots’ discretion. Touch and go at EDDL.

Third leg (EDDL-EDDK): Take-off at 240KIAS climb to 6,000ft. Maintain this speed throughout the leg. Intercept at 4,000. Touch and go.

Fourth leg (EDDK-EHAM): After the touch and go, fly at 240KIAS, climb to 14,000ft. Cruise at 310KIAS. Descend 60NM out to 4,000ft v/s at pilots’ discretion. Intercept the runway, land.

Safe landings!

Fourth leg… EDDK-EHAM

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