[CLOSED] Batik Air Event @ WIHH - 221000ZDEC17

Server: Training

Region: Global (Indonesia)

Airport: WIHH

Time: 1000Z

NOTAM: Make sure you use the airbus A320 with the Batik Air livery for this event. When requesting to join this event please include what gate and airport destination in ICAO. Also include your callsign and flight number you choose.

Please select one of the gates below


B01: @WardellStephenCurry WIHH-WAHH N593MT
B03: @George WIHH-WARR
B05: @mariodandy30 WIHH-WAHH Batik 7537
B07: @ouzi WIHH-WAHH Batik 729
B11: @ekolaziale WIHH-WARR Batik 177
B13: @HEYEY WIHH-WAHH Batik 7540




Tower: @deurico7
(please PM if you want to be the ATC)

About The Airport

Halim Perdanakusuma International Airport (Indonesian: Bandar Udara Internasional Halim Perdanakusuma) (IATA: HLP, ICAO: WIHH) is in East Jakarta in the Indonesian capital Jakarta.[1]

Aside from commercial scheduled traffic, this airport is used for military, private and presidential purposes. Government officials are allowed to use it. Halim is the main airport for corporate aviation with frequent arrivals and departures of corporate aircraft both domestically and internationally.

On January 10, 2014, Halim Perdanakusuma began to serve domestic scheduled commercial flights to ease the overloaded Soekarno–Hatta International Airport.[2] Initially Citilink was the largest user, taking 32 slots from 74 slots available for all airlines a day.[3] About 5.6 million passengers used the airport in 2016.


B01 as my gate I will spawn at WIHH airport. My flight number I made up is 6534 and My call sign is N593MT

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Going to do a short hop to Surabaya (WARR) to re-make my aunt’s flight. Count me in ;)

Maybe I’ll take B03, all of those are narrowbodies gates right?

By the way where will we land?

its up to you, you can go anywhere you want :)

Could I follow you I want to take some pics

yes, they are for narrowbodies

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Sure, I’m going Yogyakarta ( WAHH ). Thats a 45 minute flight.

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Which Gate and runway

I am using gate 5 . We are going to use runway 24.

Ok thanks for the info

Oh it never said when it will happen

It will take place at 23 December 2017, 1200Z

Is it AM Or PM? On zulu

it is 12 pm in Zulu.

Oh hey! Lion air partners are here? Niceeee!!
Can i take B07 ?
My callsign will Batik 7 2 9
WIHH -WAHH to my home base😀

okay you got the gate! its actually my home base too :)

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Guys I’m going to change the time to 1000Z so that it will be 5PM real time at the airport. It will be easier to see the taxiway and so we can take better better pictures :) .

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I’m going with @George to Surabaya.

The time is right after I get home from work hope there won’t be traffic jam so I can spawn on time also hopefully my internet connection will be better tomorrow :)

why not 0700ZZ tho? :)


okay got you the gate