[CLOSED] Balloonchaser ATC Tracking | KSSC Tower & Ground | TS1 [IFATC Training]

This topic is for all of my ATC sessions.

Currently Controlling - KSSC
Region: Charlotte, NC
Server: TS1
Visibility- Clear
Winds - 6kts from the South East (120 degrees) at ground level (242ft)

Active TFR’s in Effect: 0

I have passed my IFATC Written Test! I am almost ready to take my practicle! Give me feedback for me to improve! (Lots of people please)

Feedback Accepted On This Topic :)


I grabbed approach if you don’t mind :)

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Expert server @Balloonchaser?

You did fine, except you should have handed me off to KJFK approach or KISP departure, not KISP approach :)

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Now Closed!

Controll time: 2 Hours 25 Minutes

Wow you really did a nice long Opening :)

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Opened JFK nearby to ease your traffic, thats was fun! :).

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Open at KCLT for FNF!

I’m down at KSSC hopefully we get traffic back an forth Jack :)

Yay!! And @Snow_Cone , want me to send departures to your freq aswell??

I am now open at KISP!! :)

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Do you man the TFR by BDR? I’d stop by but I’m about to go out with a relative of mine… Good luck!

No, Bradley (its not realistic at all)

But should I let American flight 11 take off?? (September 11th Attack flight…)

Coming in a C-130. I’ll simulate a transitional airdrop then come in for landing. - N132KS

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C’mon. How am I gonna be able to go straight in for runway 28? If anything, I’d enter left downwind.

I thought that I told you that (atleast I meant to…)

I am not having a good ATC day today… (Good thing im not taking my IFATC Practical today)

Airport Change: TNCM
Caribbean Region

Except for that, you did fine and sequencing was good.

I’ll be TNCM Approach then I may switch to TAPA or TFFR

Now active at TNCM. Get this region popping! !

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