[CLOSED] Back To School Flyout! - @KMCO - 082000ZSEP18

Ok. Your now gate 34!

I’ll take a gate, seems interesting

Roger dodger. Gate 35 is yours.

What time is this for eastern time?

2:00 pm in eastern time.

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Hmm I’ll think about it

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I’ll have a gate please

You now have gate 36!

I’m gonna need a date :/

The date is September 8th 2018

Ah, can’t make it that day, sorry!

No worries! I understand :)

Dang o won’t be able to make it either, sorry.

Ill take Gate 50 please

You got it! Have fun!

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Thank you very much!!!:)

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There are still plenty of gates available! Come on down on September 8th!

Ill take a gate. thanks.

Ok. You are gate 39!

We are 2 weeks from the event! Want to join? Grab a gate!