[CLOSED] Back To School Flyout! - @KMCO - 082000ZSEP18

Server: Training

Airport: KMCO

Time: 2000Z

NOTAM: Spawn at gate 5-10 minutes prior the the start of the event. Follow all ATC introductions. Copy FPL below and follow the flight rules

Welcome all to the Back To School Flyout!

Summer is coming to an end (In the Northern Hemisphere) meaning family’s are traveling home from popular tourist destinations to such as KMCO to prepare for the start of school. On September 8th, we will be flying from KMCO to KCLT in the American Airlines A321!

Flight Plan:

KMCO ORL GUANO CRG 3052N/8128W VIYAP 3243N/8050W 3335N/8016W 3343N/8011W 3358N/8000W 3400N/7959W 3425N/8013W IKECE LANSR KCLT

Cruising Altitude: 35000

Cruise Speed: M0.79

Required Fuel: 17911 LBS

Flight Time: 1:19


Gate 30: @Jack
Gate 31: @Philippe_Gilbert
Gate 32: @Jetski
Gate 33: @Alex_Coffey
Gate 34: @TenMileJones
Gate 35: @SpectreAviRBLX
Gate 36: @mvh1221
Gate 39: @EthanT2
Gate 40: @EStoj
Gate 41: @Anthonyg96
Gate 42: @esant_15
Gate 43: @Melvo077
Gate 44: @Jackalus_Mills
Gate 45: @Simon_Thompson
Gate 46: @Delta5283
Gate 47: @BenWalker
Gate 48: @Darpan
Gate 50: @Kevinsoto1502
Gate 52:
Gate 53:
Gate 54:
Gate 55:
Gate 56:
Gate 57:
Gate 58:

ATC is reccommended but not required. If you want to partake as ATC for either KMCO or KCLT, please let me know!

Ground: @VAnuj
Tower: @VAnuj

Ground: @VAnuj
Tower: @VAnuj

I hope to see a good turnout for this event! If you want to join, don’t hesitate to ask for a gate! Thanks




What do you mean by this?

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I worded that wrong my bad. I meant it’s recommended but not required.

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I’ll take a gate please

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Alrighty! Gate 31 is yours ;)

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What time is this at for me? Live in Montreal canada

The time is 2:00 PM in Montreal at the start of the event.

Ok that works out for me

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I’ll be KMCO & KCLT TWR & GND, if that’s possible; thanks!

That’s perfectly fine! Please spawn as KCLT ground and tower 10 minutes prior to arrival. I’ll message you when it’s time.

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Thanks, flying close to home! I live by KRDU, only a 15 min flight from KCLT!


My home airport is KGSO which is located about an hour from Raleigh. Wanted to give my home state some love!

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Oh nice, my aunt lives there! It’s nicr and small like KRDU which is nice, because KCLT is so busy.

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im in.
what is the time of start for california?

Time is 11:00 AM in California. You now have gate 32.

Sign me up for a gate

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You got it! Enjoy gate 33!

Is the event on the 18th or the 8th

The 8th of September.

I’ll take a gate, sounds fun