[CLOSED]B777 Gathering! @ WSSS - 110130ZMAR17

I like to join the event. Set up a gate for me please.

I’ll do it any gate please

To be clear, in Eastern Time Zone, REPEAT, in EASTERN Time Zone, it’s on Friday, March 10, 2017 at 8:30pm. In Central Time, it’s at 7;30pm on the same day as the Eastern Time Zone. Here’s a link to convert Zulu Time to your local time: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converted.html?iso=20170310T0130&p1=0&p2=263

@Andrew2002 you got gate C16. Thanks for coming and letting everybody know the time zones! Really appreciate it!

You have gotten gate C17 @andrew-millson. Thanks for coming!


I am not sure to when this is and what time because I am unable to read 110130ZMAR17
and 0130Z because I am new here.
May you please tell me when and what time this is?

Thank you

I feel you scroll up a little, @Andrew2002 has stated the time zone differences @Federico_1444. Please have a look at his reply and let me know if you need a gate. Thanks :)


I am sorry to bother you again but I live in Hong Kong which is not eastern or western or central time zone. This is because it is a very small country.
What time would this be in Hong Kong time?
Sorry to bother again.

Thank You

Federico Pepe

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The event will take place on Saturday, March 11, 2017 at 9:30am HKT

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Thankyou so much:) @Andrew2002

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May I please have a gate my callsign is cathay 456.
I will attend in a cathay pacific 777-300er.

Thank You :)

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I’ll take a gate, thanks

Can I have a gate but I may not be able to come so don’t expect me but please still give me a gate

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I know it may sound a little silly, but I’m new to this kind of event so…
I got assigned to gate T1 C04, however I couldn’t find that specific gate at WSSS. The number of gates goes from C01 straight to C11, without C02, C03, and so on. So my question is where should I spawn my aircraft then?
Thank you

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@Kuo thanks for checking out the gates! im kinda new in creating events as well so yea. Here are the new gates! PLEASE TAKE NOTE and sorry :(

T1 C11 @John_Ryan
T1 C13 @Hyestar123
T1 C15 @Kuo
C17 @RTG113
C18 @Milen_Jacob
C19 @Hugh_Cooper
C20 @Gabriel_Ng
C22 @Joshua_Davis
C23 @AggieAirlines
C24 @milo1404

C25 @YoutuberXL
C26 @Tsung-Jui_Lee

T1 D30 @Iggydang
D32 @Dom.Y.21
D34 @Andrew2002
D35 @andrew-millson
D36 @Federico_1444
D37 @Kyle.r24
D38 @Stmaarten1778

Sorry for the mistake guys! My very first time having an event so yea. Please take note of your new gates and i would like to credit @Kuo for taking notice. Thanks for joining and looking forward to see you guys there! I will be there at the event with a Korean Air Boeing 777-200ER and my call sign will be Koreanair 8 6 1. Please spawn around 5 minutes earlier to copy my FPL and take photos. I might be there 10 minutes earlier before the event. See you guys soon!

Guys gate C20 is open as for @Emirates_777 has other errands to run.

Can you give a Gate plz?

Sure thing you got the available slot gate C20 @AggieAirlines

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Hiii please add my name would love to occupy gate C20 and also 0130 is it New Zealand timing ?

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