[CLOSED]B777 Gathering! @ WSSS - 110130ZMAR17

which march is the event?

i dont think i understand @YoutuberXL

GUYS I’m sorry but it should be on the 11th not 12th. Sorry for the last minute notice as for on the 12th I have errands to run. Do take note and I hope you guys can still make it! I’m extremely sorry for the last minute change of time

Hi, may I have a gate?

please remove me because 11th doesn’t suit me

@Abhishek_Vij sure thing. Sorry yeah last minute change of dates.

no problem…it happens

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Guys please be informed the date has changed. If you have noticed, please let me know by liking this reply I have just written. Thanks and sorry for the short notice.

Can I have a gate please? will fly with CI’s livery.
Thanks :)

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I should turn up in a SIA 77W, sign me up!

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@Tsung-Jui_Lee your gate is C13

@Iggydang congrats you have C14 :D

@Sudhanva_Ganesh got it, thanks again! :D

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No thank you @Tsung-Jui_Lee for coming! :D

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id like a gate too please

Noice @Dom.Y.21 you have Gate C15

Thank you,
when is this event?

@Dom.Y.21 the event is on the 11th of march 0130Z till 0230

Okay i can make it!!!

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Nice see you there dude and happy landing